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We pay high yields to individual investors who loan us private capital to buy and sell real estate.

If you are a cash investor and are interested in joint venturing in one or more of our projects as a debt or equity partner, please complete this questionnaire and you will be contacted.

We have over 20+ years of experience in real estate investing and will pay you a high yield on your investment capital with low loan-to-value liens secured by real estate.  Put your investment capital to work earning higher yields than any bank in town can offer!

Your money will stay in the local area and you will be able to see the collateral that is backing your loan!

If you’ve always dreamed of being a real estate investor, but lacked the time or the knowledge, contact us for a face-to-face individual session by calling 336-775-5680 (24-hour recorded information) or simply check us out by visiting our buying site OffersMade.com or our selling site TriadHomeForYou.com for more information!

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Don’t let this distressed real estate market pass you by without staking your claim!

NOTE: This is not a public offering as defined in SEC Regulations, nor is it a solicitation to sell a security.  This investment opportunity is currently available for North Carolina residents only.  See Disclaimer for more information.